Brand Identity

Brand Identity is so much more than just a logo. Remember those sayings, “Dress for success!” and “The clothes make the man”? Well think of your brand as your company’s clothing. Do you want your company to be wearing grungy thrift store gems, or a slick Armani suit? The answer depends on your company and it’s target market, of course, but you can rest assured that with an identity designed by AWS Creative, you’re gonna be dressed awesome!

Some of the things that make up your Brand Identity include:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Stationary
  • Signage

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Web Design

Like Brand Identity, your website says a lot about your company. For instance, what does it say if you don’t even have a website!?! At AWS we design websites that look awesome, but also function awesome, because with a website it’s just as important that it works as it looks good doing it.

We offer the full range of web design services, including HTML and CSS, PHP, Content Management Systems, and blog design with WordPress!

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Print Services

AWS Creative now offers a full range of print services! Whether it’s your business cards, brochures or even tradeshow displays, we’ve got your covered. For more information about our print services, or to get a quote, contact us!

Creative Services

So Brand Identity and Web Design cover the basics, while Creative Services covers EVERYTHING ELSE. From t-shirt design to podcast consulting to digital video, if you’ve got a creative project and you need an artistic genius for hire, then you know where to turn. We’re kind of like superheroes in that sense.

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Social Media

Social media is a new and exciting market, and AWS Creative is proud to be on the leading edge. We offer a full variety of Social Media services including consultation and management of everything from Facebook and Twitter, to Youtube and Vimeo, to LinkedIn and Tumblr. We can help your business not only carve out a niche in the vast social network, but to stand out and thrive! After all, being AWESOME is a lifestyle, and we’re well versed in teaching you and your company how to be AWESOME every day! For more informtaion or to set up a free social media consultation, contact us!

Hosting Services

Our hosting packages come in two varieties, Basic and Plus+. With basic, you get your hosting package, along with technical support, but with the Plus+ package, you get everything you get with Basic, but you also get an allotted retainer with AWS Creative depending on the package.


Personal: $10/m
Blog: $15/m
Entreprenuer: $20/m
Corporate: $35/m
Ultimate: $50/m


Blog: $40/m
Entreprenuer: $50/m
Corporate: $75/m
Ultimate: $100/m