Every year Virgin 95.3 holds their annual Virgin Fake Film Festival, in which local amateur filmmakers are tasked with creating 60 second versions of beloved classic movies. The folks at Nik Nok Media decided to tackle The Matrix as their inaugural entry into the competition. The first of many collaborations with Nik Nok Media, AWS Creative was asked to create motion graphics and a website to accompany the short, which we also edited. The concept was simple to discern, but a little more challenging on the execution; take the designs and graphics from The Matrix and make them your own.

We recreated the logo and amended it to match the title, The Matrix Rebooted. That was the easy part. Then came the website. We landed on a simple concept; data streams falling in the background like a waterfall, similar to the trademark code streams from the original film. And in a first for AWS Creative, we developed motion graphics and titles for the short film, adding that extra touch of movie magic. Check out the video below!

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