AWS was contacted by St Alban’s Anglican Church in Burnaby to help them redesign their website into something a bit more user friendly. This site was a new challenge for AWS, as most of our clients are small businesses trying to sell a product, or podcasts trying to lure new listeners, but St Alban’s was a bit different.

The approach all started with the logo, and the church’s slogan, “Your Church on the Corner”. From the beginning, it needed to be friendly, approachable and easy to read for a variety of users at many different computer skill levels. To achieve this, we used a mix of both colors and soft grays, avoiding straight black and white. This keeps the contrast down, softening the entire image, creating a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere to the site.

Furthering the user friendly atmosphere, we kept the layout simple, using a featured post section, along with two columns, and the ever present sidebar. This makes finding the information you need quick and easy, and the featured post adds a bit more focus to the stories St Alban’s wants to share with the community.

On that note, we also added links to Facebook and Twitter, and set up both social media platforms to update whenever new posts are added to the site, allowing people of all ages to stay informed using the latest technology.

The main design element is the rounded corners. Avoiding sharp angles as much as possible, the site flows from one section to the next, never abrupt or jarring. It also resonates with the slogan, “Your Church on the Corner”, creating shapes reminiscent of streets and maps. In one version of the logo, the lines come together to serve a dual purpose, forming both a map to the church and the image of a cross.

The result is a warm and inviting website that is easy to browse and return to on a regular basis.

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