From Nik Nok Media’s Website:

Amanda Konkin founded Nik Nok Media in January 2011 as an outlet for producing interesting, creative and cost efficient productions that transcend traditional modes of artistic creation. Nik Nok Media develops projects across media platforms and aims to integrate aspects of theatre, film, and digital media in interesting ways.

AWS Creative was hired to create the corporate identity for Nik Nok Media, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The folks at Nik Nok were looking for something fun and inviting, but still had that professional edge, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what we’re all about at AWS Creative. From the bright vibrant colors, to the bubbly and effervescent design, Nik Nok Media allowed us to let loose and really earn that “Creative” we tack on to the end of our moniker.

Not only have we worked with them to develop their own website and branding, but we’ve also had the pleasure to work on several projects to date, including The Matrix Rebooted and How I Learned to Drive. Nik Nok Media is an endless source of creative inspiration, and we look forward to working with them on all of their projects in the future!

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