Introducing the Social Media Homepage

Metropolis Comics and Toys, in Burnaby, BC, is one of our oldest clients, and one of our favorites. Over the years we’ve tried out several different formats for their website, but lately, owner Jonny Botsch, has been having the most success online with their Facebook page. With that in mind we came up with a design that does away with all the frills and extras of a full website and reduced it down to a one page interactive online brochure. This would be the first of what AWS Creative would dub the “Social Media Homepage”. Focusing on Facebook interaction, the site now streams the Facebook page directly on

There’s no longer a need to direct customers to a lengthy Facebook URL. Just go to the store’s official website, and you’re there. You can like the page, see who else is a fan of it and comment, right there on the homepage. It’s all integrated seamlessly.

AWS Creative would like to thank Metropolis Comics and Toys for being the first to try out this new style of website. If you’d like more info on the Social Media Homepage, check out our Services page.

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