Wowee, has it been a long time since an update to the portfolio section. Let’s just say it’s been a bit too hectic lately to get these things up here, but at long last, I’ve decided to take the time to update you with the latest from AWS.

Let’s start by jumping in the Way Back Machine and heading all the way back to November 2009. The fine folks over at Fancore Podcast called me up with a small request: a complete overhaul of their website! Previously, Fancore Pirate Radio was just a podcast, with the occasional news piece or comic review, but the Fancore Crew had greater ambitions, and that’s why they had called.

The news site called for a huge upgrade to the system, including a few new tricks I had yet to master. First and foremost, it was changing from a podcast/blog to a news site, which meant completely redesigning the whole flow of the site. Instead of a main blog column, the frontpage now sports 3 columns (soon to be 6) for each of the main categories of news and reviews. But along with that, there now needed to be a place for several blog icons, as several of the Fancore writing staff wanted their own space to voice their opinions. For that we added the nice graphical column along the left side, with awesome blog icons for each writer.

And of course, the podcast wasn’t going anywhere, so that needed to be included as well. Previously the podcast was the main focus of the site, so when you got to the frontpage, it was the first and foremost thing you wanted to see. Now, the podcast is still there, but alongside so much other content, we needed a way for it to stand out. We decided to go with a dynamic header area for this, using images rather than words to indicate when a new podcast has been uploaded.

Overall, the new site has allowed for more content to be viewed in a single glance, allowing users of all kinds to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. If you’re into movies, comics or anything genre, check out Fancore Daily.

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