Here it is! The long awaited, brand new AWS Creative website! Obviously it’s been a pretty big overhaul from the previous version, but it’s not all visual. Along with the cosmetic changes, this new site is also running on some cutting edge tech. It’s powered by WordPress, using all of the latest techniques, and it’s built using HTML5 and CSS3! There’s some nifty features that you won’t even notice, unless you’re viewing this on a newer browser. I suggest Google Chrome for best viewing.

Along with the website redesign comes a few other changes to AWS Creative, as a whole. New logo, new colors and a new perspective. Or rather a more focused perspective. We’re newly rededicated to bringing businesses and individuals the very best in graphic design and creative services that make their business more awesome. To do that, we’re adding some new services that we’ll be explaining more about in the coming days, but just as a sneak peak, here’s a short list of the new services we’re rolling out, as well as what you’ve come to expect from AWS Creative.


  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Design
  • Illustration

New Services

  • Digital Video Services
  • Social Media Consultation and Management
  • and last but certainly not least, Printing Services!

That’s some pretty exciting stuff for us, and we’ll be giving you more details on each of those new services soon, so stay tuned to the site.

We’d also like to take a minute to thank all of our customers, friends and colleagues. Moving into this next phase of our business is going to be very exciting, and what makes it all worth it is working with all of you! You’re inspirational, motivational and aspirational, and without you all, AWS Creative wouldn’t be where it is today, ready to expand services and bring you even more AWESOME.

Michael J. Cohen

3 Responses to “Welcome to the All-New!”

  1. Everett says:

    New site & design are fantastic. It sums up everything awesome AWS Creative is.

  2. Amanda says:

    Site looks great!! Very clean and easy to navigate. Glad to see AWS Creative is expanding. Your portfolio just keeps getting better. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Jonny says:

    Sleek and clean! Very nice work! You guys always bring your “A” game! Nice to see a local Vancouver business do so well for themselves!

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