Special Deal! 15 for 1500!

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If you’re a new business in the lower mainland, you can’t pass up this offer! For a limited time, AWS Creative is offering a special design package for new clients! For the low project price of $1500.00 you get a Logo Design, Business Card Design (500 Double-sided, full color cards), and custom WordPress Website Design!… Read More »

Welcome to the All-New AWScreative.com!

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Here it is! The long awaited, brand new AWS Creative website! Obviously it’s been a pretty big overhaul from the previous version, but it’s not all visual. Along with the cosmetic changes, this new site is also running on some cutting edge tech. It’s powered by WordPress, using all of the latest techniques, and it’s… Read More »

Quality Tweets: Part 2

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Or “What’s that flashing?” So there’s a lot of blog posts out there about how to use Twitter to your advantage, and they use a lot of fancy words like “Viral Marketing”, “Hash Tags”, and for some reason, everything has an “@” symbol in front of it. What’s that all about? Well, that’s what I’m… Read More »

Quality Tweets: Part 1

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Or How To Use Twitter To Your Advantage Social Media is a tricky thing. These days it’s not just important that you be on the internet, but also that you have a way for people to interact with that web presence. With this in mind, I’m starting a series of entries on how to use… Read More »

5 Networking Do’s and Don’ts

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I just got home from yet another networking event, and I’m not even unpacking my bag, as I’m off to another one tomorrow evening, and another the day after that. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone one what to do and what not to do when networking.

Welcome to AWS Creative!

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Here it is, at last! The re-launch of AWS Creative’s website! We hope you like it. Take a look around, check out our portfolio, give us a shout with our new contact form, and stay tuned to the site for more news and updates on the most AWESOME graphic design studio on the planet! And… Read More »