Quality Tweets: Part 2

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Or “What’s that flashing?” So there’s a lot of blog posts out there about how to use Twitter to your advantage, and they use a lot of fancy words like “Viral Marketing”, “Hash Tags”, and for some reason, everything has an “@” symbol in front of it. What’s that all about? Well, that’s what I’m… Read More »

Geek Out Online

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Geek Out Online has been a long time client and friend of AWS Creative. In fact, back a couple of years ago, they were our first WordPress project. Of course, that was just a simple modification of the already existing theme, downloaded for free from somewhere in cyberspace. Now, a couple years, and several projects… Read More »

Quality Tweets: Part 1

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Or How To Use Twitter To Your Advantage Social Media is a tricky thing. These days it’s not just important that you be on the internet, but also that you have a way for people to interact with that web presence. With this in mind, I’m starting a series of entries on how to use… Read More »

Fancore Pirate Radio

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Fancore Pirate Radio┬áis a podcast dedicated to discussing film and pop culture. The site was designed in May of 2009 and launched that month with it’s first few episodes following soon after. The site is built on WordPress, allowing the site’s contributors to easily update with new episodes and pages, without the assistance of a… Read More »